Publishing platform

Scolaris: The award-winning integrated content platform for scholarly publishing

Scolaris winner of 2014 CODiE

Scolaris named SIIA Content CODiE Award Winner for Best Scholarly Publishing Information Solution

Scolaris is the next generation integrated content platform engineered by Semantico to manage the complex needs of journals, reference works, ebooks and dictionaries.

Scholarly communication is moving fast under the impact of digital technologies. We’ve developed Scolaris to meet these ever-changing needs and to help academic publishers identify and profit from new opportunities. Download the latest brochure here.

Key features:

  • Different publishing formats are integrated with equal ease
  • Scalable solution
  • Semantic search as standard
  • Semantic content enrichment built into workflow
  • Optimum display of content on all desktop and mobile devices
  • Media separation
  • Multiple sites from single data store
  • Super-fast data load.

Publish more

Scolaris integrates multiple content types including journals, ebooks, reference works and multimedia. This enables you to take full
advantage of synergies between different content types in a single platform.

Our integrated approach to digital content drives improved discoverability and usage, and allows more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. You’ll be able to monetise content resources more cost-efficiently.

Publish more widely

With our responsive design approach, pages seamlessly resize and reconfigure for any device. This saves you the time and expense of developing for each different device, and insulates you against the introduction of new mobile devices in the fast-moving hardware market.

Scolaris has a similarly neat and device-agnostic solution for handling access and authentication for mobile devices. This enables you to facilitate deep engagement with your content for users, wherever and however they choose to access it.

Publish faster

Scolaris features an intuitive, fast content loader. Defined areas of the interface can be edited with ease, helping to integrate these activities more closely into your publishing and marketing workflows. As you gain more control over the platform, you’ll publish and promote with greater timeliness, improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The Scolaris Linking Hub

We’ve developed a simple, scalable way to link diverse content together across multiple sites. With our Linking Hub, each site enables the researcher to discover and link to content on every other site within the ecosystem.

Researchers get:

  • A full view of all content
  • Links to all related documents
  • Access to multiple content types
  • An enhanced user experience.

Publishers get:

  • Cost-effective, scalable ways to drive usage across the ecosystem
  • Opportunities to repackage and repurpose content into enhanced products
  • Longer user sessions, improved discoverability and SEO
  • Connected and contextualised content for up-selling and cross-selling.

User experience

As the digital natives of today become the senior researchers of tomorrow they will expect and demand a sophisticated user experience. Scolaris has been designed to deliver this. We pride ourselves on our user-centric design processes, ensuring that users’ needs are understood and met by user testing our interfaces during design and development.

Boost discoverability and usage

Scolaris makes it easier for students, researchers and librarians to discover your content. Once they have arrived at your site, you’ll expose more of your relevant content to them through full-text search and faceted search and browse.

Included as standard:

  • Automated concept and synonym matching e.g. Bird Flu / Avian Flu / H1N1
  • Variant and UK / US spellings e.g. Orthopaedic / Orthopedic
  • Suggested results as users type i.e. ‘Did you mean …’
  • Advanced fielded search including Boolean and wildcards.

Volume based content enrichment

Scolaris is closely integrated with TEMIS’ Luxid® software. TEMIS is the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions. Its cutting-edge Luxid® platform extracts actionable metadata from unstructured content to support search, exploration and content
analytics processes.

Scolaris and SAMS

Linking Scolaris with SAMS creates compelling opportunities for monetization.

SAMS is the most widely used access management system in its class and integrates seamlessly with Scolaris to control access across users and institutions. Scolaris with SAMS will help you manage multiple subscriptions including pay-per-view, e-commerce, as well as giving you a host of flexible options for business models and optimal monetization of your content.

SAMS ‘roaming passport’ is a new opportunity. It allows an individual to pair a mobile/laptop device with an institutional subscription and provides users with increased accessibility to institutionally purchased products – driving usage and repeat subscriptions.

A digital partner you can rely on

We’re known in the industry for our thought leadership and are valued by our clients for our technical excellence and high standards of customer service.

When you work with us, we’ll assign you a dedicated, professional team of account managers, project managers and creative and technical experts to deliver your project from initial brief to final completion. Any issues are resolved quickly, and our operations team supports the smooth running of your digital platform by working closely with your production workflow.