Access management

SAMS: the industry-leading access management system

SAMS is the most widely-used authentication and access management system in its class, protecting and growing digital revenues for more than 300 sites worldwide.

SAMS provides a powerful, flexible and fully customisable solution, built to handle the complex authentication issues created when students, academics and professionals access publisher platforms through institutional or personal subscriptions. Download the latest brochure here.

It supports all access models for journals, ebooks, reference works and directories across multiple devices.

Key features of SAMS

  • Sell different publications in multiple ways using the same central system
  • Easy integration with multiple products and platforms
  • Active, collaborative user community with regular upgrades
  • Opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling content
  • Allows subscribers to access content anywhere using SAMS Roaming Passport
  • Extensive commercial and usage reporting (including COUNTER 4)

Multiple authentication models

SAMS is a global solution. It offers multiple authentication models and helps you meet the differing authentication standards of institutions worldwide, including:

  • Shibboleth (worldwide)
  • Open Athens
  • Trusted referrer URL
  • IP address ranges
  • Library card
  • Roaming Passport
  • Username / password.

Maximise the value of your content

SAMS offers efficient and flexible support for many different business models, helping you get maximum value from your content. You can set up access based on:

  • Duration: limited or perpetual
  • Consortia, institutional or individual
  • Pay-per-view / ecommerce
  • Inherited or named access
  • Open Access
  • Free trials
  • Token / voucher code
  • Rental.

Drive usage with Roaming Passport

The SAMS Roaming Passport offers users the ability to carry institutional subscriptions outside the physical constraints of IP ranges. This gives users the freedom to access content from a wide variety of locations using mobiles, tablets and laptops, driving up usage and renewals and building loyalty.

Boost direct sales revenues with integrated ecommerce

With library budgets under pressure, selling access directly to students and researchers is becoming increasingly important. SAMS ecommerce features enable you to sell products in addition to institutional subscriptions. This allows you to extend revenue opportunities while building direct relationships with end users.

Leverage the community

Through our S3UG user group and regular user consultation you’ll benefit from being part of a large community of scholarly publishers. Your ideas and feedback contribute to the improvement of the product via a defined roadmap and regular feature upgrades. These upgrades enable you to stay aligned with competitors and trends.

A clear and simple pricing structure

SAMS is delivered at a fixed cost. We do not add additional volume or usage costs during the life of your contract. Regular upgrades are included as part of your contract.