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Scolaris: The award-winning integrated content platform

Scolaris: The award-winning integrated content platform

Scolaris integrates multiple content types including journals, ebooks, reference works and multimedia with minimal configuration. Scolaris enables you to take full and cost-effective advantage of synergies between different content types in a single platform. This integrated approach to digital content drives improved discoverability and usage and creates additional value for researchers.

Scolaris delivers content that seamlessly resizes and reconfigures on multiple devices, insulating you against the introduction of new mobile devices in the fast-moving hardware market. Scolaris will enable you to publish and promote with greater timeliness, improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Content management

Content loading

Load multiple content types (including but not limited to NLM, DocBook, TEI, PDF, EPUB, Word, Excel, JPEG) through a single interface. The Scolaris loader features email loading notifications, error logs and facilities to rollback, all as standard.

Data enrichment at load

Scolaris can be closely integrated with the Luxid® semantic enrichment and tagging software platform from our partner TEMIS. This enables automatic tagging and faceting for many different types of entities, including people, places, dates, diseases, symptoms, treatments, species, chemical names, companies and many more.

Staging and publishing

Upload, preview and QA your content within a staging environment before switching content to live instantaneously and with zero downtime.

Additional curated content

The on-board CMS has powerful in-page editing functionality enabling you to add and edit additional curated content to your platform. There is a simple WYSIWYG page editor that enables defined areas of the interface to be edited with ease, helping to integrate these activities more closely into your publishing and marketing workflows.


Journals / Books / Reference / Databases / Media




Standard or fully configured

Scolaris is built on an open-source technology stack. It is robust, scalable and incredibly fast to deliver. Scolaris has a full feature set and can be deployed to serve simple solutions straight ‘out of the box’. So if you do not have complex content requirements, Scolaris can get your content to market with minimal configuration. Many of our clients have more complex requirements and Scolaris’ unique open architecture enables us to offer an array of configurations that can also deliver highly specific content types and combinations, from scholarly journals to ebooks, playtexts and complex reference works.

Responsive design

As a responsively designed platform, Scolaris delivers content to the majority of currently available mobile platforms as standard. This simple and effective solution future-proofs your content and drives usage of content across multiple platforms.

Commercial reporting

Scolaris supports your needs to monitor usage and commercial data in detail by providing management and reporting tools that enable you to easily identify lapsed, expiring, unrenewed and inactive subscriptions to maximise or reopen revenue streams. Reports are provided directly to your inbox. Scolaris deploys a full set of content and usage reporting tools, including article level metrics, COUNTER compliant reports (release 4) and Google Analytics.

Mobile passport

Scolaris can enable users to register for an off-campus or ‘mobile’ passport which is valid for a set number of days and will allow the user to continue accessing the website even when outside the institution’s IP address range. This usage is included within COUNTER reports.

Standards & tools

Scolaris supports and adheres to industry standards including reference linking via CrossRef and CrossMark, OpenURL, COUNTER 4, ORCID and reference management software including EndNote, RefWorks and Mendeley.

Scolaris is compliant with the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (Level AA). These standards ensure products delivered with Scolaris are fully accessible with assistive technologies and that separate resources for disabled users will not be required.