Semantico partner with TrendMD content discoverability engine

Semantico have announced a partnership to provide the native integration of TrendMD within their Scolaris digital publishing solution. The partnership will deliver to publishers an enhanced research experience for their end-users and increased content discoverability, but above all, the potential for increased usage.

The market-leading content discoverability tool for scholarly publishing, TrendMD offers targeted recommendations for further reading. Suggestions based on reader interactions across the entire publishing network, as well as collaborative filtering similar to Amazon’s “People also bought”, drive the recommendation engine.

The multiple award-winning Scolaris digital publishing solution delivers an integrated content experience. Developed to handle large, unique and diverse content sets with equal ease, Scolaris will now include TrendMD and other next-generation publishing tools, such as PaperHive, as standard with the option to opt-out.

Adding TrendMD to the Scolaris publishing solution platform will provide will provide immediate and lasting benefit to publishers. Other publishing platforms have experienced a greater than 4% lift in traffic in a single month after TrendMD’s installation. Furthermore, sponsored content on BMJ received a 28% lift in traffic during a test conducted in July 2015.

Semantico Co-founder and Chairman, Richard Padley, said: “Digital publishing offers unparalleled opportunities to learn from other sectors to advance scholarly communication. That is why we have developed Scolaris as a flexible, modular solution with a rolling programme of regular enhancements. Integrating tools such as TrendMD within the platform ensures researchers are receiving the best possible experience, while publishers are rewarded with increased usage.”

TrendMD co-founder and CEO, Paul Kudlow, said: “Our partnership with Semantico brings valuable content to the TrendMD network, improving the reader experience for everyone who engages with our widget. The addition of new content not only increases the variety of recommendations, but also increases the quality of recommendations we can provide.”

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