The art of choosing Semantico art

Semantico art

Our lovely new office walls at Semantico Towers are decorationally deficient. We need beauty in our workplace, but what to get – paintings, sculpture, wall graphics? The call has gone out for art and marketing has answered. It’s all too exciting …

Let’s start at the very beginning

Being a marketeer, I set about the task with agency-style briskness and efficiency (!) by creating a list of criteria to help shape my thinking, hone my online searches and set a brief (of sorts):

  • The art should reflect the company, the brand.
  • The art should inspire, be easy on the eye, and have an element of longevity.
  • Orange. Can I team with the theme of Pantone 021?
  • Digital publishing for the academic and scholarly world: it’s what we do, but should this be represented in our artwork, and how?
  • Work within budget as set.

It looks easy, but remember it’s not personal

I like a challenge, but this brief is harder than it looks. The chief reason is that selecting artwork is an act of self-expression.

The artwork we display says a lot about us. Artists express themselves through their imagination and creativity, and through the art we select, buy and place in our homes/places of work we do the same. Visual communication is a key element of Semantico’s offering and we want to reflect this in our work space and represent the spirit and personality of the company (and people) who inhabit it.

More than working on our corporate brochures, events, collateral etc, I found myself taking this task to heart. I’ve just got to remember that it’s not personal.

The story so far …

Here are some of my initial ideas. They come in a variety of media and include wallpaper, lighting and modern art classics. Most are out of budget and some are just plain quirky; but they’re all inspiring, and that’s what sparks creativity, ideas, laughter, discussion and even the odd heated debate (all of which are welcome at Semantico).

ps: The fat lady hasn’t sung just yet, so we’ll keep you posted as and when we finally choose something!

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4 Responses to “The art of choosing Semantico art”

  1. Macca

    Good luck! I’ve been tasked with an almost identical project and it’s not an easy thing to do. Personal tastes differ and peoples view of art vary wildly especially what they consider ‘good’.

    • Clare Wratten

      Thanks for your support, and best of luck to you too! I love the project and am glad that it has come my way; but you’re right in that it all comes down to taste in the end. What fills me with dread is not choosing something that people hate, rather picking a mild-mannered piece that provokes no response. I am aiming for perfection and universal approval: perhaps I am setting my sights too high?!! Let me know how you get on.

      • Macca

        Perfection and universal appeal is a lofty goal – good luck with that! Provoking a response is definitely better than bland acceptance. Be brave!

  2. Karen Jemma

    If you are looking for Art why don’t you try getting in touch with the University, you could give them a brief about yourselves/ company and see what they come up with? My daughter is planning on studying art at University in September and this is the sort of project that Unis love.


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