The growing popularity of responsive web design

Since Andrew Grimes first posted about responsive web design on this blog in February, interest has grown rapidly. The chart below, shared by elearning company Kineo, shows Google searches for responsive design outstripping those for mobile web design over the last few years.

Chart showing growth of Google searches for responsive web design

Responsive design was also nominated by .net magazine as one of the top web design development trends for this year.

In many parts of publishing, however, this trend seems to have been overlooked, along with the alternative route it offers to native app production. Our own Rob Virkar-Yates was recently asked to speak at a conference about the mobile ‘app-ortunity’ – a rubric that seemed to discount any alternative. For some, it seems, the only way is app (apologies – they started it!).

We believe the mobile web / responsive design route will meet the needs of a large proportion of publishers in ensuring their content takes full advantage of the growing trend towards mobile access – probably the majority. Publishers need to make sure whey are up to speed with responsive design.

A couple of year back, Richard Padley of Semantico first posted about the pros and cons of apps versus mobile optimised websites, and this has formed a past of our advice to clients ever since. We now believe that the emergence of responsive design as a compelling solution to the problem of multi-platform publishing will put a thumb on the scales in favour of mobile web for most publishing projects.

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