ALPSP Seminar – Richard Padley speaks on The Future of Academic Publishing

The Future of Academic Book Publishing was a one-day seminar which provided a unique opportunity for those attending to consider both the present situation facing academic and scholarly publishers of all shapes and sizes, and the likely direction for the business of academic book publishing in the immediate future. For those who were unable to attend, or would like to listen in full again, you can listen to a recording of eBook readers and the Future of Other New Technologies and view the accompanying slides below. If you would like to view the slides or listen later at your own leisure I have made the accompanying slides and an mp3 recording of the presentation available here.

Focus on technology not devices, says mobile publishing symposium

Report from the Semantico Online Publishing Symposium on Mobile and Cross-platform Delivery

The inaugural Semantico Symposium was held recently in London to discuss implications of the shift to mobile for publishers and information providers. An invited audience of publishing industry leaders debated the issues under Chatham House rules, covering the following three themes:
  • Devices and technology
  • Business models
  • Future strategy options
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Optimise your WordPress site for smartphones – the quick way!

Web traffic from mobiles is estimated to be growing eight times faster than that from UK PCs (Deloitte, 2009). Gartner predicts that by 2013, mobiles rather than PCs will be the most common web access devices. As this trend continues, the challenges for companies wishing to make their sites not only functional but also usable and even aesthetically pleasing for users of mobile devices becomes ever more pressing. So here’s one good piece of news for those whose blog or website, like the Discovery Blog, is based on WordPress: a plugin that does the job simply and well. Continue reading

Publisher choices for mobile delivery – apps vs websites

The current explosion in interest around mobile devices such as the iPad and Kindle raises an interesting question for publishers. Is it best to create mobile specific websites to deliver content to smartphones, iPads or other mobile devices, or is it better to develop apps targeted at the iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms? In this post I examine the pros and cons of each approach. Continue reading