Why is integrated content important?

Integrated content is a principle we stand by at Semantico, here’s why. What is integrated content? ‘Integrated content’ is one of those terms that does the rounds in scholarly and professional publishing, while meaning vastly different things depending on the …

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Publishing identifiers: A spotter’s guide to standards

The profusion of publishing identifiers can make it difficult to tell them apart, particularly as many are similar in scope. This spotter’s guide seeks to identify and explain the most important of them. Used to distinguish people, content and institutions, …

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Semantico’s Jon White to chair ‘Buy or build?’ plenary at ALPSP 2016

Sales and Marketing Director, Jon White, will be chairing a plenary on navigating the buy or build decision that many publishers and societies face at this year’s ALPSP conference at 16:00 on Thursday 15 September. With the full title ‘What …

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“An extreme pleasure to work with. I appreciate the collaborative interaction … We successfully launched exactly on schedule and I’m thrilled with how smoothly the project went.”

Stef Tarner
Referring to Oxford Art and Music Online