Why terminology in access management needs to be more … accessible

Recently, I was introduced to something called Domain Driven Design (DDD). There’s a great book on the subject by Abel Avram and Floyd Marinescu available for free at infoq.com. One of the more intriguing concepts from DDD I found described in …

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Aligning publishing technology with the funder view of impact

There are few topics in digital publishing that cause so much debate as that of research impact. A lot of this debate – within the publishing world, at least – has tended to focus on ways of improving (or improving …

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Register now for our new webinar: “Continuous Improvement”, Thursday 8th October, at 15.30pm (GMT)

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting the third in our webinar series on Thursday 8th October, at 15.30pm (GMT). This webinar is entitled: “Continuous Improvement” and will be presented by Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing …

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“Semantico have been a reliable and insightful technology partner since 2008 for the development of our flagship platform CAB Direct which has enabled us to attract new customers and new markets as well as increasing usage within existing ones”

Cristina Ashby
Head of Platform Development, CABI