UX: secrets of the dark art revealed

User Experience (UX) is an increasingly significant discipline within the mix of skillsets that goes into building publisher platforms. However it can seem like a dark art. Even those who get it sometimes wonder whether they fully understand what it …

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5 business benefits analytics can drive for publishers

‘What we can’t measure we can’t manage’. It’s a deadeningly familiar mantra – and one that tells only a partial truth: if the entire focus of your management style is on stuff you can put a number to, then I’d …

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A first look at new dawsonera online reader from Dawson Books as powered by Scolaris Reader from Semantico

dawsonera, Dawson Books’ academic and professional ebook platform, is receiving a new look reader portal powered by Semantico’s Scolaris Book Reader. The dawsonera site currently holds over 380,000 eBooks, including an ever increasing amount of foreign language content, in addition …

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“An extreme pleasure to work with. I appreciate the collaborative interaction … We successfully launched exactly on schedule and I’m thrilled with how smoothly the project went.”

Stef Tarner
Referring to Oxford Art and Music Online