TDM reaches fever pitch

This month, the European Parliament voted to adopt a report on major changes to copyright law, written by the provocatively named Pirate Party, that promises to have major implication for TDM. Which is what, I hear you ask? TDM is …

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CUP’s Hill emphasises profitability, innovation and UX

We were pleased to see Mandy Hill of Cambridge University Press standing up for the importance of profitability and innovation in a recent interview by The Bookseller. For her, it seems, the two are closely linked. Like many other university …

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Semantico to partner with Columbia University Press on Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) project

Semantico, suppliers of digital publishing solutions to the scholarly and professional market, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Columbia University Press (CUP) and the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services (CUL/IS) on a project involving Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), an electronic database and website of aggregated content in the field of international affairs. As part of the CIAO solution Semantico will provide SAMS, the industry leading access management and authentication system.

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“An extreme pleasure to work with. I appreciate the collaborative interaction … We successfully launched exactly on schedule and I’m thrilled with how smoothly the project went.”

Stef Tarner
Referring to Oxford Art and Music Online