Five trends in digital content you can’t ignore

For writers and editors it must stick in the throat somewhat to have the books and articles into which they pour so much labour and expertise lumped together with all the other fantastically indiscriminate outpourings of the internet under the …

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Innovative leadership and your culture: A white paper from Darrell W. Gunter

Innovative leadership and your culture Introduction. What is innovation and why it is important to your business? Innovation and technology. Company culture. What is your company’s culture and does it lend itself to an innovative and high performing culture? Take …

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Drama Online from Bloomsbury Publishing and Faber & Faber receives an Innovation Excellence Award

Drama Online from Bloomsbury Publishing and Faber & Faber, receives an Innovation Excellence Award from The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. The awards celebrate the very best in innovation by companies adapting to technological, economic and social changes …

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“An extreme pleasure to work with. I appreciate the collaborative interaction … We successfully launched exactly on schedule and I’m thrilled with how smoothly the project went.”

Stef Tarner
Referring to Oxford Art and Music Online