Worming study re-analysis shows culture change on data sharing

For more than a decade, Dr. Ben Goldacre has been on a crusade to stamp out bad science. This impassioned article addresses one aspect of what Dr. Goldacre feels is wrong with science – data hoarding by research scientists – …

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Is flipped learning an opportunity for publishers?

Put simply, flipped learning involves doing the stuff that usually happens in the classroom at home, probably over the Internet, and doing what usually qualifies as homework – exercises, practice, solving problems – in class, with the help of a …

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What all publishers should know about mobile delivery

We recently hosted a webinar:  What all publishers should know about mobile delivery Presented by Richard Padley, CEO and Chairman, Semantico and Dr Kim Marello, Digital Development Manager, Bioscientifica Ltd and hosted by John Helmer, Semantico; the session explored the …

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“Semantico have been a reliable and insightful technology partner since 2008 for the development of our flagship platform CAB Direct which has enabled us to attract new customers and new markets as well as increasing usage within existing ones”

Cristina Ashby
Head of Platform Development, CABI