Internet of things holds out future for print books?

News that a ‘smart’ fridge had been sending out spam emails this week highlighted the emergence into the mainstream of a trend called ‘the internet of things’ that has been bubbling away for some time now in tech circles. Along …

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Linking analytics to discovery – part three

Report from the Fifth Semantico Symposium When we decided to hold a three-part debate recently on making links between discovery and analytics we anticipated that it was going to be a big ask. We already knew that few publishers seemed …

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Darrell W. Gunter, Non-Executive Director, Semantico to present at PSP 2015 Conference

Darrell W. Gunter, Non-Executive Director, Semantico is delivering a plenary session at this year’s PSP 2015 Conference, 4-6 February, Washington. The theme of this year’s event is: Beyond Disruption: Publishing in the Real World.

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“An extreme pleasure to work with. I appreciate the collaborative interaction … We successfully launched exactly on schedule and I’m thrilled with how smoothly the project went.”

Stef Tarner
Referring to Oxford Art and Music Online