Internet of things holds out future for print books?

News that a ‘smart’ fridge had been sending out spam emails this week highlighted the emergence into the mainstream of a trend called ‘the internet of things’ that has been bubbling away for some time now in tech circles. Along …

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Linking analytics to discovery – part three

Report from the Fifth Semantico Symposium When we decided to hold a three-part debate recently on making links between discovery and analytics we anticipated that it was going to be a big ask. We already knew that few publishers seemed …

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Darrell W. Gunter, Non-Executive Director, Semantico to present at PSP 2015 Conference

Darrell W. Gunter, Non-Executive Director, Semantico is delivering a plenary session at this year’s PSP 2015 Conference, 4-6 February, Washington. The theme of this year’s event is: Beyond Disruption: Publishing in the Real World.

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“Semantico have been a reliable and insightful technology partner since 2008 for the development of our flagship platform CAB Direct which has enabled us to attract new customers and new markets as well as increasing usage within existing ones”

Cristina Ashby
Head of Platform Development, CABI