Publishers and wearable computing: exploring Glass with Heather Ruland-Staines

Over the past year or so Google Glass has gradually seeped into the public consciousness, through limited sales of the $1,500 device to developers and specially-selected aficionados and businesses. On 15 April, for one day only, Glass was made available … Continued

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Will societies miss the opportunities in professional development?

As a strategy consultant in e-learning, and formerly a marketing director, I’ve been hearing since the early years of the ‘Noughties’ about the fantastic opportunities technology offers to professional societies. They have large and dispersed member bases. They have a wealth … Continued

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ALPSP Fraud and Piracy conference: book now!

The last 15 years have seen tremendous change in the distribution of scholarly content. Information and research can be promoted and shared more widely and quickly. However, the system is often exploited.This seminar will discuss the extent of fraud and … Continued

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“Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many commenting that Drama Online is easy to use — the number one criteria for a successful academic platform.”

Jenny Ridout
Head of Drama Publishing, Bloomsbury